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5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Niche to Make Money Online

It is important the you pick the perfect niche for your blog so that you can maximize the revenue which you earn out of it. There are many factors that you should take into consideration before picking up a niche for a new blog. This is the number one dilemma any seasoned blogger faces before he decided to start a new blog – he is unable to settle on a niche which he can write about.

The Marketability

The ease of marketing a particular niche should be taken into account. Some niches are easier to promote and market than others. Suppose you begin a technology or Web 2.0 blog then it can promoted on forums such as DigitalPoint forum. This will help in promoting the new blog to lots of new people. At the same time, a niche on baby care would not be so easy to promote. It will prove to be a little more expensive and difficult.

The Content

How much content can your niche have? Make sure that the niche you select is never short of content and is something which is constantly evolving. Moreover, a niche which does not have any kind of advancement or development will almost become obscure. So ensure that you select a niche which is lively and will always give you something to write about.

Your Comfort Level

Your level of comfort with a particular topic is also important. I am sure many will find it difficult to write about bank policies, bank loans etc. as they are best for people from that field. Try and stick to niches which you like and can easily write about. Unless you are passionate about the niche which you write it will be difficult for you to succeed online.

Satisfy a Need

Does your niche meet a need of the readers? Will the niche you select and write about be advantageous to the readers in some way? These are the basic questions which you need to ponder over before you select a niche. Picking a niche that is of worth to others is a key point to succeed online.

Multiple Revenue Stream

The niche which you write about should have multiple streams of revenue. As this will increase your chances of earning more profit. A blog on blogging tips for example does not depend on purely banners and paid-links, most authors provide services such as Theme development, Content service etc. This helps them branch out more income streams. The niche you select should also be able to get a lot of new modes of revenue.

So think well before you decide and finalize a niche. As it can make or break your blogging career.

About Vivek Krishnan

I am the Founder-editor of I started this blog in 2009, while in college with a lousy internet connection. Today this blog receives over 30,000 page views per month. As a person, I am a wanderer, dreamer and part-time pessimist.


  1. MAgento Development

    thanks for sharing this idea…

  2. Blogging Junction

    Our comfortability really matters! We must choose a topic about which we have a lot of knowledge and we can express the same.

    • @Blogging Junction: You cannot maintain blog unless you are comfortable with the topic of the blog!

  3. Most important thing we should go for a niche about which we are most knowledgeable about, passion to write lot of content and have the potential of being a big money maker for us.
    .-= Anil Gupta´s last blog ..How to Transform Your Blog to Look More Professional? =-.

  4. Samantha Thomas

    I also maintain several blogs to earn money online. sometimes it is hard to keep your daily earnings to stable levels..-`~

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