4 Things to Avoid in Your Blog

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Every bloggers has an ultimate aim of building up lots of readers and a loyal subscriber base. But to achieve that pinnacle is not easy, there are many things that you need to do in order to reach it. But at the same time you should also remember that things which you should not do or avoid when you blog.

Here are some thing that you should not do in your blog:

Excess Advertisements

The number one turn off in most blogs, not only beginner blogs but also those of pro-bloggers are the ads. I personally find ads very intrusive and they highly degrade the reading quality. An organized separate section for ads is the best option. Pop-up ads are one of the most intrusive kind of advertisement.

Don’t Write Essays

When you write for a blog, make sure you don’t write essays. Make your posts crispy and informative. An ideal number of words in a blog post should be 250-400 words. Unfortunately, some blogger end up writing articles of 1000 words – such length of articles will not be suitable for keeping your readers attention.

Don’t Look Desperate

Promote your RSS feed and do encourage your visitors to subscribe to your blog. But do not come across too desperate as that will repel your readers from doing so. The same also applies to Social bookmarking – do not end up begging readers to bookmark your content, they will almost surely not do it. Instead write such good content that your readers will bookmark it themselves.

Don’t Ignore

When a reader comments on your blog, respect the time he has taken out to visit and comment on your blog. Blogging is all about networking and you should keep the spirit in the same way. You should always socialize and reply to comments which you receive.

So ensure that a few poor blogging habits end up damaging the potential which you can achieve.

Enjoy your blogging!

4 Responses to 4 Things to Avoid in Your Blog

  1. All of your point are valid. I himself follow all these points on my blog. Recently I tested infolinks on my blog for a day or two only, then I realized it will become a difficult for my blog readers to read my content, will face problem in normal links and advertisement links, so removed infolinks ads from my blog instantly.
    .-= Anil Gupta´s last blog ..Successful Affiliate Marketing Tips for your Blog =-.

  2. i don’t know how people wrote more than 600-700 words.. i wrote for something like 500 and have no clue what to write next.. and sometime if the post way too long.. i only read the point, which most of the time came at beginning of the sentence.

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