What To Do When The World Screws You Over?

By | 2011/01/16

The definition of getting “screwed” differs for each person. But every person at one point of his life realizes that the world is actually a bitch – that believes in screwing you “royally”. In this post, I will be talking in context of entrepreneurs. But really, these points are applicable to anyone who is JUST frustrated at the situation or circumstance they face in their life.

Here are a few pointers on what to do when the world screws you:

Go To Your Mentor/Guide:

This should be the knee-jerk reaction that you should have when you have been screwed by someone big time. A mentor can help you again gain perspective of the situation and act as a major buffer to all the emotional duress that you might have built within yourself. The person you go can also be the only friend you trust.

Stand Your Ground:

Put yourself first. The worst situation a person finds himself is in when the people all around him/her start putting all the blame and faults on you. It also really sucks big time when you find out that most people around you are “fake”, which means that your good friends end up being the good friends of your arch enemy as well. What to do at that time is to simply stand your ground – know you are right. The gut feeling within you is the most right thing in the world in such times. And hate the people you want to hate without any diplomatic shambles- BUT, you need not express everything. There is always a great way to convert all that frustration and anger into something productive for yourself.

The World Owes You Nothing:

Many of us have this “I’m a Prince” complex where you expect people to automatically like you, be nice to you and give you a lot of respect. The fact of the matter is that the world never gives anyone any crap until the person himself earns it for him. It is indeed possible that people worship you (example- Richard Branson, Mick Jagger, Mahatma Gandhi), but what have you done to be worshipped? When you are frustrated with the world ignoring you, you need to ask if you actually deserve to be ignored. Remember, the world owes you nothing.

Life Is Unfair Get Used To It:

This point is the evil brother of the above point. When all the people around you play with your emotions and take the ultimate advantage out of you, you tend to be pissed. Especially, it is extra frustrating when you find that they have no remorse and neither are they having any bad luck with all that horrible karma of theirs. At that moment you should listen to what I say, “Life is Unfair, get used to it”. In fact, you need not listen to me, you should listento Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the person who was quoted “Life is unfair, get used to it”. This is from one of the most brilliant minds alive today.

Don’t Do The Smoke:

Doing drugs is not one of the ways that you can retaliate to the world that screws you. If anything it makes you physically weaker. There are just so many people who will find themselves clutching to a cigarette the moment they see the slightest hint of stress. Remember, you are already frustrated, you don’t want to f*** yourself up all the more.

Leave me your comments on, what to do when you are pissed at the world?

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6 thoughts on “What To Do When The World Screws You Over?

  1. Calgary SEO

    Thank you for sharing this!! When the world screws you over, try to ignore it. Never run after your problems and face them. What I meant of ignoring are those people who are silly around you and only makes fun about you. Life is really unfair. Just try to face the tough reality and always be yourself.

  2. Henway

    Hmm.. this is a good question. When I’m pissed at the world, I often do things that suit me only, and forget about what others think. I might splurge myself and eat some ice cream, buy something nice for me, and even pop on some porn flicks, and just relax and chill.

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      Thanks a lot Apoorv…for dropping by. i hope life is good on your end 🙂


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