What Would You Do If Your Marriage Was Called Off a Day Before?

By | 2009/12/10

Joshua Opperman is a classic example of an internet entrepreneur.

What would you do after you brought your fiance an expensive and elegant diamond ring and proposed to her, she said yes and you gave her the ring. A day before your marriage you come home to find your fiance gone from your home and she has left your engagement ring on the desk with a sorry letter. What would you do? (Except pulling out your hair.)

This is the real life story of web entrepreneur Joshua Opperman.

Here is a bit of his story in his own words,

“I’d been engaged for three months. After a tough day at work, I came home to find that my fiancée and all her belongings were gone. Well, almost everything was gone. That beautiful diamond engagement ring was sitting on the coffee table looking up at me as if to say “so, what’s next?”

I was devastated: The love of my life (or so I thought) was gone forever, and I was just crushed. How would I even start to recover?”

After this incident you would expect that Opperman cried his heart out. You could not be more wrong, Joshua Opperman went on to establish an online business which is today synonymous to wedding rings.

After his marriage broke, Josh went over to sell his engagement ring which by the way was a flawless diamond of more than two carats, set in a platinum band. He was given a resale price of $3,500 for his $10,000 ring. Josh did not like that one bit.He learned the hard fact that jewellers sold the ring almost three to four times to the actual cost.

So he opened a website where people could sell and buy wedding/engagement rings at much lesser rate than what the jewellers charged.


Josh is very happy running his amazing business that connects people every day. The key success of his website is depending on the fact that there are so many individuals who want to sell their rings and very motivated to do so. Therefore, those looking for an expensive ring can find terrific price at his site – I Do, Now I Don’t

Since his entrepreneurial genius woke up after his first marriage went bust, Joshua Opperman has gone on to appear on Fox Business, CNN and be featured in Reuters, NY Times, Good Morning America etc.

His is one great story of finding a good business online. I think this is what entrepreneurship is all about, new and amazing ideas that clicks well with others. It seems Joshua needed  a shock before he became an entrepreneur.

5 thoughts on “What Would You Do If Your Marriage Was Called Off a Day Before?

  1. sernan

    an inspiring story, life is really unfair but some incidents like this makes us strong… Congratulations… You deserve your success… i’ll check out the site..
    .-= sernan´s last blog ..Top 10 things you should consider when you are in a Relationship =-.

  2. Sandesh Mascarenhas

    What an inspiring story of an entrepreneur……… 🙂
    .-= Sandesh Mascarenhas´s last blog ..Search engine dedicated only to find music files =-.

  3. Sandesh Mascarenhas

    You never know where life takes you…………… 🙂
    .-= Sandesh Mascarenhas´s last blog ..Search engine dedicated only to find music files =-.


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