Why Google+ Can No Longer Be Ignored

By | 2012/04/18

Most people realized that anything Google cannot be ignored. Their products are revolutionary and can actually make a huge difference to your bottom line if you are an internet entrepreneur. So when Google started their social networking website: Google Plus, they were challenging Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook – with its staggering number of users and epic user engagement. No doubt, Google+ was mocked initially and many debates sparked off on how Google+ will not be able to crack the Facebook domination on the social networking scene.

But people back at Mountain view knew what they were up against, slowly but certainly, Google Plus is becoming an integral part for any internet marketer, entrepreneur and bloggers.

Here are a few ways in which Google Plus has made it tough for people to ignore them.

Authorship markup

Google is piloting the display of author information in search results. Now whenever your site shows up on the search results, the user can see an avatar of the author as well as a link to the name of the author. You have to admit, it is pretty cool and that every blogger and every webmaster is scrambling to have these show up.

How to show author information in search results?

The thing about getting to having Google show your avatar to the world is that your site needs to be linked to your Google+ profile and back. This makes it impossible for anyone to ignore the Google+ profile. You need a finished, a good profile picture and a completed Google+ profile .

Recommend on Google+

The Google+ profile allows you with the ability to recommend content on Google. Now visitors recommend your content on Google Search. More recommendations can help your site stand out and rank higher in search engine results. The +1 button is also a part of advertising campaigns and y0u can find them on all Adsense ads. These +1’s are also slowly becoming a parameter for brand trust worthiness. If Google manages to accomplish that, which it will – Google+ is soon going to be as strong as Facebook when it comes to user engagement.

You’ll agree that +1 buttons across the web make it even easier for you to recommend content to your friends and contacts, and make search results even more helpful and relevant.

 How to add +1 to your pages?

Google is obviously making Google Plus invaluable by directly affecting your search result’s quality and standing.

2 thoughts on “Why Google+ Can No Longer Be Ignored

  1. Sheyi @ Ivblogger.com


    Though google is trying but as for me, i still hate most stuff about google except the organic traffic. Google has gone mad banning adsense account these days


    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      Yeah, Google has become very stringent with its policy. Although the main reason why most Adsense accounts are being banned is because of poor content quality and fraudulent activities.


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