Why I Do Not Post More Than 2 Articles Each Day

By | 2010/05/06

The title of this post is quite self-explanatory- why I do not post more than 2 articles in a day. Since I began blogging on CollegeFallOut I have been able to get a good look of the competition around me and one thing which I have noticed about successful blogs is their number of posts each day. Popular and high-traffic blogs have been posting a minimum of three articles in a day. But I have been posting one post each day and at the maximum I have gone on to post 2 articles in one day. However, drugs the reason for this is not that I am lazy to generate more articles per day. The real point for this is that I am consciously restricting myself to a one to two posts per day.

Here are a few reasons why I do not post more than 2 articles per day:

This Is Not a Tech Blog, sales CollegeFallOut deals with posts that are related to Internet Entrepreneurs, malady Blogging/SEO tips. The articles related to such a niche are a little more difficult to digest and are much more heavier on the readers. Although a reader would always like as much content as possible; an overflow of content in a single day can cause them to leave your site prematurely because of all that information your giving them in one go. It is always better to take it slow and easy when it comes to provding content to your readers. If you post one article in a day, here are a few advantages:

  • It has higher viraling potential
  • You are providing your readers time to chew on what you wrote thereby enhancing reader experience
  • You make sure each of your article is read

The last point is particularly important because if you have three to four articles in one day, you can be sure that your readers are either skimming through your content or have not read all the articles which you have posted. You cannot blame the reader as no one wants to read so much in one go.

If you are saying that blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable post almost 6 to 10 articles in a day, well to reply to this I would like to say that they are technology sites. Technology evolves fast- there is a lot happening in a single day itself. Moreover, content related to technology does not really require the reader to introspect – it is just reading and updating yourself.

So what is the number of article you post in a day? Do let me know below.

9 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Post More Than 2 Articles Each Day

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  2. UK Webmaster Forum

    Though when you bog regularly the better chance you have to reach a wider variety of readers but i believe quality of post do matters not just the number of article posted daily.
    .-= UK Webmaster Forum´s last blog ..Domains of the future? =-.

  3. New York Apartments for rent

    i think i need to be careful…i use to post nearly 5 articles a day
    thanks this buddy..

    1. Vivek Post author

      @Shabnam- That is ideal. One post a day is a must.

  4. top ten antivirus

    It makes perfect sense to limit your posts for each day. I know some of the best bloggers in the blogging world who post once in a week! But their posts are always full of rich content. Simple, quantity vs quality = quality wins!
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