Why Should Internet Entrepreneurs Sponsor A Contest?

By | 2010/11/16

Many bloggers have started creating a lot of blog contest that offer cash money or prize kits to their components. This is a gold mine for internet entrepreneurs to maximize their branding potential of their blog or company.

Here are few reasons why you as an internet entrepreneur should sponsor a contest:

Links To Your Blog

Links are SEO fuel. When you sponsor a contest it begins with a direct link to you blog or website. And most bloggers would ensure that your link also appears on all their high PageRank  social media profiles.

Create Relations

To host a successful contest with you as a sponsor would require you to work in close tandem with your contest host. This will help you interact and build relationships with the host. It can prove to be an invaluable support for you in the future.


Contests have an amazing viraling capability. Many bloggers will relay the information to their blogging circle and so on. If you are offering a product/service/cash prize then it will catch on with the crowd. And we all know that word-of-mouth publicity is the best form of publicity that exists.


This is among the biggest advantages that you can gain as an internet entrepreneur. On the internet where there are millions of blogs that are fighting for attention, diagnosis branding is one way that will help you sky rocket your company or blog to the top.

Traffic to your company website is another factor, advice but I am  not going to include it as a point since its pretty obvious. Let me end with this statement from a fellow blogger,

When I launched my own blog, I wanted to start with a contest but I knew I’d never get any traffic. Conveniently, Problogger was running his birthday giveaway at the time and I sponsored that instead. Crazy traffic! Really, if what you’re offering is of any kind of value, sponsoring a contest can do amazing things for your traffic and your readership.

Naomi Dunford (ittybiz.com)

If you happen to be convinced by what I have stated above or have been searching to sponsor a contest at a popular blog. There is a great contest going over at one of the most high-traffic blogs -ScopeForMoney.com. Here is the link to the post that calls for sponsors:  SFM looking for Sponsors.

2 thoughts on “Why Should Internet Entrepreneurs Sponsor A Contest?

  1. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Even knowing this benefits I had never seen any blogger sponsoring any tech events I ever attained. Indian internet entrepreneur need to start working on their brands else big fish always eat small fish out of competition.

  2. IFRS Karan Batra

    Its an age old fact that Advertising created wonders especially for businesses whose Success depends on the Volumes Generated. Blogging being purely based on the Volume of hits, its very important to Advertise and Market yourself strategically


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