Will Accepting Guest Posts Make Your Blog Lose Identity?

By | 2010/10/30

Guest Post is a concept that has become quite popular in the blogging-sphere. Despite the obvious benefits surrounding guest posts, buy cialis there are many myths surrounding it. And one of the most feared myth by bloggers is  that blogs accepting guest posts lose their identity.

Some bloggers fear that having guest posts on their blog will cause their readers to unsubscribe. They justify this statement saying that most readers subscribe to read what the author of the blog has to say and not to read content written by third-party authors.This is a big myth regarding guest posts.
The fear of losing identity of your blog will only be present if you are insecure about your blog. Authors who run authority blogs also accept a lot of guest posts and continue to retain huge number of subscribers. Here are examples of such blogs:

  • QuickOnlineTips.com – 24, order 471 readers (Publishes up to 5 guest posts per week)
  • ShoutMeLoud.com – 11, treat 478 readers (Publishes up to 7 guest posts per week)

The above two blogs accept so many guest posts and still continue to grow readership each day. This example is illustrative of that fact that accepting guest posts on your blog does not make your lose identity.

The number one deciding factor of the outcomes arising from accepting guest posts is the quality of the guest post articles. Few of the mistakes some bloggers do while accepting guest posts is that they do not proof-read them and check quality standards.

If you have a blog with a pretty good Pagerank then there are chances that you will be flooded with guest posts. So you need to be really selective while choosing which post goes online.

Accepting a lot of guest posts does not kill the credibilty of a blog. However, accepting guest posts that do not provide value to your readers makes them lose interest.

Guest Posting Is Good For Your Readers

It is good because they get a change from the usual style of posts. Each writer provides a new and fresh outlook to each topic. Guest posts are a refreshing change for readers and they will provide more value to your blog if chosen correctly.

5 thoughts on “Will Accepting Guest Posts Make Your Blog Lose Identity?

  1. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    I had started guest posting at my blog and now some crappy marketer keep posting craps and I have to delete them. I had deleted their account twice. I have to develop a better system.

  2. Dan | Epic 4G

    I don’t hurt anything for your blog and also can’t make you get lost about earning. But it can increase your natural and regular content everyday, more writing style from different writers.

  3. iPhone Development

    Nice insightful post. If you want to build a readership for a blog then it is good to accept as many guest bloggers as possible else if you want to build a personal brand yourself then it is good you don’t allow too many guest bloggers as it loses identity.


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