WordPress 2.8.6 Fixes Two Major Security Problems – Upgrade Now

By | 2009/11/17

I have just finished upgrading my WordPress blog to version 2.8.6. It is important that you do it too. As this news will really be a matter of concern for almost all bloggers using WordPress. WordPress is perhaps the most popular blogging platform in the world.

There were two security issues that were found in 2.8.5 which is fixed in 2.8.6 . Therefore, doctor it is of utmost importance that you upgrade now!

One security problem in WordPress Version 2.8.5 was an issue with sanitizing uploaded file names that can be exploited in certain Apache configurations (you do not really have to care that much about it). The other major issues was a security problems that can be exploited by registered, logged in users who have posting privileges. So if you have giving author priveleges to any untrusted authors, WordPress has recommended an instant upgrade to ver. 2.8.6. Hope all of you have upgraded.

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.8.6 Fixes Two Major Security Problems – Upgrade Now

  1. Sanjeev

    WordPress is releasing updates very frequently and this time it is for multiple users blogs. Strongly recommended to update blogs with latest setup. Thanks buddy for spreading this info in detail.


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