Your Brand Is More Important Than Your Content

By | 2010/08/28

I am a big believer in branding. It is my strong belief that a good brand image can reduce your hard work by ALMOST 50%. This is especially true when you are in the blogging arena where a million other bloggers are providing the same content as you – maybe even better content than yours.

This is why I titled this post that – your brand is more important than your content, needless to say content is important. But a good brand image will help you to boost you to higher levels of success and income even with the usual content. This is in fact one of the reasons why many bloggers will make four-figures online teaching things that you explain much better on your blog.

Invaluable Tips On Branding Your Blog

Let me take a real life example on branding. We all know the two major fantasy films in recent times i.e. Harry Potter Series and LOTR (Lord Of The Rings). In Harry Potter’s opening, HP earned way more than LOTR did. Even though LOTR was actually a much better movie, HP had an overwhelming brand value which undermined LOTR’s success.

Also, while creating a brand out of your blog you should also focus on branding yourself in the niche. As a person who is regarded among the niche circles, you will find success no matter what you do on the internet. It can be an e-book which you release or a new blog that you start. Whatever, your initiative may be, a good personal brand will give a kick start to any new venture you begin.

Investing In The “You” Brand

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  1. UK Webmaster Forum

    Really nothing is more important than communicating about your brand, however, adding low quality content to your blog will damage your brand in the long run! it will disappoint your readers and undermines your brand … that is why CONTENT IS KING and will always be.


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